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The Nicholson’s are your average big family with 5 boys. We are in the car a lot, like most everyone these days, and with 10 young set of eyes – we don’t miss much happening on the streets in our East Cobb Marietta, Georgia neighborhood.

Our family has a soft spot for animals. We have stopped many times to load a stray dog into our car, rescue baby squirrels, move many turtles to the other side of the road, and even stop traffic to insure safe duck and geese crossing!

One day, one of the boys mentioned that while we go to extremes to help some animals – we barely even talk about the cat wandering through someone’s lawn or crossing the street. Maybe because so many people used to have outdoor cats. But because we lost our cat, Tabby, several years ago, we knew the pain and anxiety it caused us. We wanted to come up with a way to alert neighbors that some cats are actually indoor cats – and that they need to be returned to their homes.

Project Orange Cat was established. We thought we could help secure the safety and quick return by putting an orange collar, and their contact information, on their loved pet.

As we researched the facts about lost pets, we ran across a very similar idea from a group called Kitty Convict. They had the orange collar as well! Our goal is to work along side any group helping cats. We want this to become a common practice for indoor cat owners. We are always looking for neighbors, animal lovers, students, and social media to help spread the word. Help us educate others - join Project Orange Cat!

About Us

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