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​     Help us spread the word about
Project Orange Cat!  By putting an orange collar on your cat - you are alerting folks that your cat is an indoor cat and needs help.   Whether you purchase an embroidered collar, an orange collar with a tag, or even buy an orange collar and write your information on it with a Sharpie, you have just taken the first steps to keeping your pet safe! (please make certain that all collars have a quick release/breakaway clasp!)
Put an orange collar on your cat - why?

     We have all seen a cat wandering in a neighbor's yard or by the local school.  Most of the time we just think, "oh there's a cute cat!"  If you saw a dog wandering around, more than likely you would try to help the dog, hopefully find a tag on it's collar, and return it to it's very happy owner.  But cat owners just aren't that lucky.

Just a few facts :


- Less than 5% of lost cats are returned

- Most roaming cats are never caught or checked for a micro-chip

- Most cats have never been outside before they got out and are lost

- Cats are not street smart and for the most part have no idea what to do when outside.  Most cats have never seen a car, a coyote, a stream or pool.  All these scenarios can lead to a very bad ending for your sweet pet.



 Start Protecting           your cat today!

Order your embroidered breakaway orange collar here 

Order a breakaway solid orange collar here

Order name tags here

Please consider even more protection by purchasing an indoor (orange) Invisible Fence collar and shields -  these keep your cats from ever escaping!

 **Note: By linking to these ordering sites from this website, the website will earn a small fee which will go towards the fees to keep this website up and running.  Thank you so much for helping Project Orange Cat.

Send us  a picture of your
orange collared cat to be featured here!

Watch this section to find out when we will be out and about in the community - spreading awareness of the Project Orange Cat!

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